segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2007

A good Business: TRAVEL

There is a new wave in Europe that Brazil would be copy, mix culture and leisure with tourism, accordind Glória Rebelo from We obtained some words from her in a exclusive interview, just kidding, she said that "Unite leisure and culture to promotion the tourism it seems to be each more important time for the development of the countries".
It is a very nice idea. In Brazil it does not have only beaches, Corcovado, Mulata and Carnaval, it also has culture and a rich culture with a beautiful literature, food and historical places. Tourists can visit places like Mato Grosso, and see a wonderful vegetation or surf on rivers. Can go to Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul and try adventures trials and radical sports a lot.
We have some exemples of contry that sells culture, France does. In Paris there are a lot of museums that the tourist can show even the Monalisa. In Italy, England, Germany, USA, Japan... their politicians invest on this new business view. "Cliente of the increasing importance of the cultural factor for the tourism, the controllers politicians of diverse countries - since “more developed” to the “emergent ones” - are worried now in offering offer cultural that also it stimulates offers tourist". said Glória.
Let's show to the foreigners that Brazil can be a Culture and Leisure place too.

by Tommas D. Broossus

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