quinta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2007

woman gains little in Latin America

The United Nations informed today through a article that women gains less between 20% and 30% than the men working in the same activity in all Latin America. Marcela Suazo, responsible for the article, said "This difference can be 46% in some cases". From 1990 to 2004 33 million of women had entered the work market, increasing the tax of participation from 39% to 45%. Only in Quito, 16% of force of feminine work act in domestic work, gains less of one minimum wage.
This article didn't pass in Brazil. Of course not! Because on northeast the population almost can't eat, some days ago in Rio a lot of families had eaten digged meat. On North we have coal Bunkers that real slaves work there, but did slavery stop about 2 centuries ago? Not at all. Like brasilians say "Who gives" those women on Northeast or the slaves on north earned less ofe one minimum wage to buy food, not cut cactus to eat!
UN keep your eyes wide open on Brazil. Here, we need any action to move this situation. Let's argue solutions about real problems and move this Latin America.

By: Tommas D. Broossus

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